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About Neill

Neill Lochery is a world-renowned source on the politics and modern history of Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East, and is The Catherine Lewis Professor of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Studies at University College London.

He has authored a series of critically acclaim books, including the international bestseller Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945 and recently Brazil: The Fortunes of War, World War II and the Making of Modern Brazil.  Neill often appears on TV and radio around the world, and is a contributor to leading newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal.  More >>

Latest Books

Two new major works will go on worldwide release with Bloomsbury (NY and London):

The Resistible Rise of Benjamin Netanyahu is the first English language book to profile Benjamin Netanyahu; the devisive and controversial Prime Minister of Israel. (Bloomsbury, 6 October 2016).

Out of the Shadows: Portugal, From Revolution to the Present Day; delves into newly released British diplomatic papers for an engaging new narrative of Portugal’s contemporary history. (Bloomsbury, 23 February 2017). 


Neill is a contributor to leading newspapers around the world, including The Wall Street Journal.  In this section you will find a full listing (and links to) his newspaper articles, features and journal pieces.  Go to Journalism >>

Talks and Events

In addition to his journalism, Neill has hosted and participated in numerous lectures. He frequently appears on TV and radio around the world.  A selection of his lectures and interviews are available in his talks and events section. Go to Talks and Events >>

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Out of the Shadows Portugal
Are Portugal’s best days behind her?  Portugal’s decline has become a common theme put forward by historians and commentators who have focused their attention on...

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the longest serving Prime Ministers of Israel. A divisive and controversial head of state; for much of the world, Netanyahu...

Brazil Fortunes of War
When World War II erupted in 1939, Brazil seemed a world away. Lush, remote, and underdeveloped, the country and its capital of Rio lured international...

Lisboa A Cidade Vista de Fora, 1933-1974
  In this engaging, accessible and impeccably researched book, Lisboa: A Cidade Vista de Fora, 1933-1974, tells the stories of the colourful array of international personalities...

This brilliantly researched, atmospheric history of Portugal’s capital city during World War II is a gripping tale of high-stakes intrigue, betrayal, double-dealing and...

Loaded Dice
Professor Lochery examines the truth of the myth that the British Foreign Office has been heavily prejudiced in favour of the ...

The View from the Fence (2005)
The Arab-Israeli conflict has for too long been seen as a simple tale of right versus wrong, good versus evil or, since...

Why Blame Israel?
A provocative new history of a troubled country at the centre of the world stage. For a surprising number of people, Israel has...

The Difficult Road To Peace
In May 1996 Binyamin Netanyahu became Israel’s first directly elected prime minister amid widespread international concern about the future of...

The Israeli Labour Party
The Israeli Labour Party and its forerunner Mapai dominated the pre-state Jewish organisations in Palestine and the early years of...