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The Great Escape: Intercepting the Looted Art of WWII
92NY Roundtable
Live Online Arts/History Course
3 Sessions: 2nd, 9th and 16th November 2023
>> More Info and Book Now (via 92NY website)

1941: Guggenheim and Fleming, Aristis & Spies in WWII Portugal
Porto City Hall from 4 April 2022
Open weekdays (excluding holidays): 9am-5pm
Entry Free

Exhibition supported by: CM-Porto, Amorim Cork, LeYA, UCL

Read Neill's latest article. The Spectator. 28 October 2021. Why Portugal's Troubled History of Political Crises Will Continue

UCLA Global Presentation 
at the Y&S Nazarian Center for Israeli Studies. Benjamin Netanyahu's Legacy: An Initial Assessment.  Monday, 8 November, 12-1.15pm (Pacific Time).
Available to watch online >> (via UCLA website)

CM-Porto, City Hall

Mayor of Porto, Mr Rui Moreira - Presentation of books by Neill Lochery
Monday 10 May, 2021 





Listen to ABC Australia radio interview by Annabelle Quince

Benjamin Netanyahu: Hero or Villan?
17 March 2020
Listen online >>  

Read Neill's Book Review: Yitzhak Rabin, Soldier, Leader, Statesman by Itamar Rabinovich (Yale University Press, 2017) in Fathom Journal

Sabado Magazine (Portugal) interview: The US & Britain Were Sleeping on the 25th April 1974. Literarlly - April 24, 2017   




Front Page Interview:
by Joao Ceu e Silva - Diario de Noticias, Portugal

May 8, 2017
Salazar & Socrates Are From Similar Origins






The Jewish Chronicle interview - What Does Bibi Want >>
February 9, 2017

Fathom Journal interview, read & listen to:  The Resistible Rise of Benjamin Netanyahu >>
November 2016

Times of Israel interview: Sultan of Swing >>
November 26, 2016

The National WWII Museum, United States
In partnership with The Churchill Society of New Orleans

Saturday, March 14, 2015


The General Raymond E. Mason, Jr. Distinguished Lecture: 
"Churchill and the (Not So) Neutrals of WWII"


Varian Fry and the American Rescue Groups in WWII Lisbon
(Thursday March 12, 2015)

Now Available to Watch Online >>
(link to WWII Museum on LiveStream)





SIC Television News, National Comerical TV Portugal (January 2014)
(note: advert pre-roll in advance of interview)

Ler + Ler Melhor (Read More, Read Better) RTP, National TV Portugal (January 2014)


Portugal National Television News (Bom Dia Portugal), RTP (December 2013)



A Ronda da Noite, with Luis Caetano - Antena 1, National Radio Portugal (December 2013)
Listen Online >>  (go to Antena 1 - RTP MediaPlayer) 


International Photographic Exhibition: 'Lisbon: Bottleneck of Europe in WWII'
Gallery of the Mayor of Lisbon, Portugal
17 October - 30 November 2012
>> more information

Portuguese Comercial National Television, SIC (note: advert pre-roll in advance of interview)

 Courtesy, Office of Communications & Marketing, Mayor of Lisbon - exhibition opening Lisbon 17 October, 2012

Radio New Zeland, with Chris Laidlaw (May 2012)
>> Listen online (link to Radio New Zeland MP3 download)

National Public Radio (NPR), USA, with Krys Boyd (January 2012)
>> Listen online (link to NPR PodCast) 

ABC, Australia with Geraldine Dougue (November 2011)
>> Listen online (go to ABC online)

Jewish Book Week 2012: Portugal at War
>> Listen online (link to JBW MP3 download)

World Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture, University College London (27 January 2011)

Cashing Out The Flight of Nazi Treasures
When Nazis looked to flee Europe with stolen art, gems, and gold in tow, certain neutral countries were all too willing to assist them.   By the...

1941 Guggenheim and Fleming Artists & Spies in WWII Portugal
In Portugal’s history of WWII, 1941, holds an almost unique set of events of both the artist refugees and the spying, deception and espionage that...

Porto Gateway to the World
One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto is recognised the world over for its wonderful Port wine. Rising from the steep banks of the...

Out of the Shadows Portugal
Are Portugal’s best days behind her?  Portugal’s decline has become a common theme put forward by historians and commentators who have focused their attention on...

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the longest serving Prime Ministers of Israel. A divisive and controversial head of state; for much of the world, Netanyahu...

Brazil Fortunes of War
When World War II erupted in 1939, Brazil seemed a world away. Lush, remote, and underdeveloped, the country and its capital of Rio lured international...

Lisboa A Cidade Vista de Fora, 1933-1974
In this engaging, accessible and impeccably researched book, Lisboa: A Cidade Vista de Fora, 1933-1974, tells the stories of the colourful array of international personalities...

This brilliantly researched, atmospheric history of Portugal’s capital city during World War II is a gripping tale of high-stakes intrigue, betrayal, double-dealing and...

Loaded Dice
Professor Lochery examines the truth of the myth that the British Foreign Office has been heavily prejudiced in favour of the ...

The View from the Fence (2005)
The Arab-Israeli conflict has for too long been seen as a simple tale of right versus wrong, good versus evil or, since...

Why Blame Israel?
A provocative new history of a troubled country at the centre of the world stage. For a surprising number of people, Israel has...

The Difficult Road To Peace
In May 1996 Binyamin Netanyahu became Israel’s first directly elected prime minister amid widespread international concern about the future of...

The Israeli Labour Party
The Israeli Labour Party and its forerunner Mapai dominated the pre-state Jewish organisations in Palestine and the early years of...